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Do you worry about your health?
Are you worried about what is in all those processed and packaged foods found in the supermarket?
Would you like a healthier option but wonder where to start?

Hi there!,

My name is Nora Kent and I’m the writer/photographer/ developer Easy recipes Thanks for stopping by! Pull up a seat to the table and stay as long as you like :) you’ll find my collection of recipes that I hope will inspire you to get in the kitchen and make a hearty and delicious meal, with a side of dessert. I have been constantly on the lookout for a healthier way of life.
I'm studied at Larnook Teachers College (now Monash University) in Melbourne Australia majoring in nutrition, food science and biochemistry. I am also a Level IV Certified Food Coach.

As long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with nutrition and the workings of the human body.

In 2010 I made a personal lifestyle choice to become a ―raw foodist‖. Whilst I am not fanatical with my diet I try to have at least 80% of my food in its raw state brimming with natural goodness.

I started this blog  because I was tired of writing out a recipe for every person that asked me for one for a dish I brought after a get-together. Call it lazy but it was way simpler to throw a recipe up online and pass out a link than to write it over and over again on an index card or post-it note — plus they could pass the link on to their friends and family and so on! Anyway, I honestly didnt expect anything to come of this blog. It was mainly a personal food journal but the more I started filling it up with recipes and personal stories, the more visitors I started to have, and the rest is pretty much history.

My cooking philosophy is simple, healthy, quick, and delicious. I make all our meals with that in mind. You’ll see that throughout the blog  a lot of my dishes come together with ease. No crazy ingredients that you’ll have to run to the store for, no long drawn out processes. Just quick and easy. Not only do I love savory, I have a huge sweet tooth and cookies are my weakness. Youll definitely want to check out the desserts section of the blog. Its a little sneak peak of my guilty pleasures!

I absolutely love what I do and its such a blessing that there are readers out there that care and encourage me to keep doing what I love.

I believe eating fresh raw food is how our bodies are designed and the pathway to a healthier life.

For many years I have watched my family and friends struggle to maintain a healthy diet. The amount of misinformation fed to us through the media and professionals who should know better is disgraceful, misleading and often paid for by the largest food companies in the world to improve their profits.

Everyone knows there is an epidemic of diabeties, asthma, gluten & dairy intolerance and obesity in the western world. It doesnt have to be this way.

A healthy raw natural diet is the first step in reversing this unhealthy merrygo-round.

The aim of this Blog is to help you incorporate more healthy and raw food into your diet in a balanced, delicious way

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If you have questions/comments/concerns or just want to chat, feel free drop me a line!